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A Sabbatical for Samson and Sadie

We’ve been making a lot of difficult decisions this season at Sell Farms and Greenhouses, but none more difficult than deciding to furlough the dogs, Samson and Sadie. After multiple conversations with them about maintaining social distancing, and one very unsuccessful attempt to get Samson to wear a mask, we decided the pups will take the season off.

Their union rep, a sly calico cat by the name of Patches, was relentless and negotiated additional treats and pettings to help compensate for the emotional toll of not being able to greet their adoring public. Sadie almost walked away when we refused to budge on sofa time and kitchen scraps, but cooler heads prevailed. 

In all seriousness, we know Samson and Sadie are very much a part of the Sell Farms and Greenhouses experience. Follow us on Facebook for virtual updates on our favorite four-legged greenhouse residents.

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