Mulch & Potting Soil

Sell Farms & Greenhouses has bagged mulch in 6 colors, including-

Red, Brown, Light Brown, Black, Cedar, & Shredded Bark.  All of our mulch is in 2 cubic foot bags - $3.25 a bag.  We also have our mulch priced by the 'cubic yard', which is 14 bags for $41.95. Many times, bagged mulch is much easier to use, since you can store what is left over, and if your project needs a little more, you don't have to wait for another delivery of bulk mulch. You can just purchase a few more bags to complete the project. 

In addition, we have several types of potting soil for you to use to pot up that special planter or window box. It's the same soil we use in all of our hanging baskets, flats, & pots, so we know it's 'the Good Stuff"

All soil $5.95/bag