Blooming Hydrangeas & Roses

Sell Farms & Greenhouses offers a huge selection of potted blooming Roses, including the very popular 'Knockout' series of everblooming roses in all colors & flower forms. In addition, we carry Hybrid Tea, Floribunda, and Shrub roses.  


We also have a wide variety of Proven Winner brand 'all summer blooming' Hydrangeas including the 'City Series', Limelight, & the one with the great name, 'Pinky Winky'.  We also have 'Incrediball', 'Twist-n-Shout', and the old standard, 'Annabelle'.  And the most popular ( and Susan's personal favorite) ever Blooming hydrangea, 'Endless Summer' is always in bloom.  With sturdy leaves and impressive flower clusters, hydrangeas make a bold statement in any landscaping theme.