Annual Flats

Annuals are a popular choice because they offer long lasting color in your landscape.  We offer a large selection of summer annuals, including 15 colors of Impatiens, 8 colors of 'wax' Begonias, & many petunias in single & double blooms. Most of our standard flats are 48 count.  Begonias, Zinnias, & Dahlias are 36 count.  


Hanging Baskets

You must see our hanging baskets! 

We  have over 5000 hanging baskets!!!  145 different colors, combinations, & styles, we are sure to have what you are looking for.

Individual Potted Plants

We grow so many different types of 4 1/2" & 6" potted plants, you will want to try them all!  Choose from 12 colors of Zonal 'premium' type of Geraniums, as well as the trailing Ivy varieties. We also grow almost all of the Proven Winner brand of premium plants in individual pots so you can put together your own combination planter.  

Two of our best sellers are the 'Superbells', with 100's of small petunia type of blossoms, and the best selling Supertunia that constantly out performs the wave brand of petunias in color choices, number of blossoms, & excellent plant vigor. We also grow a great selection of 'accent' plants to add a special touch to that favorite planter.


Combination Planters

Our combination planters have been a big seller over the years.  With busy schedules and not enough time to garden, you can buy an already made planter in full color!  Sell Farms and Greenhouses offers a huge selection of 10" & 12" potted patio planters in all your favorite colors.  Choose from the standard solid Geranium pot with a spike & vine, or a colorful combination planter with several different types of plants. You are sure to find what you need whether your patio is in full sun or full shade. 

Flower Pouches

Sell Farms & Greenhouses has been growing Flower Pouches ever since someone came up with the idea of plants in a plastic bag.   We plant pouches with Impatiens in many colors, as well as the best selling Supertunias.  We don't 'crowd' the bag with too many plants like some growers, which can be troublesome to keep all those plants watered. We plant just enough to fill out the bag.  We give it a little trim here & there and the pouch is nice & full when you buy it. Nothing is easier – just hang it on any wall or hanger for 20” of sparkling color!  Hang them anywhere!   Transform your balcony into a lush vertical garden, add color to a lamppost or fence post, on either side of your garden gate. The possibilities are endless!