About Us

   Sell Farms & Greenhouses began in 1992 with one small, wooden greenhouse constructed mostly out of used lumber. Every year or two, we added another small greenhouse as the market demanded, selling our plants primarily at local farmer's markets, until 1996 when we began selling at the farm. The small wooden greenhouse served it's purpose until 1998 when it and two others were removed to make room for our large, 12,500 square foot greenhouse. We continued to sell out of a large tent in front of the greenhouses until 2010, when the tent folded in a storm with very strong straight-line winds, and in 2011, we opened our new sales barn to replace that old tent. We hope you enjoy the gradual improvements that we have made over the years.

We specialize in perennial plants and hanging baskets, and carry a wide variety of flower garden annuals, bedding plants, herbs, garden vegetable plants and seeds -- everything for the garden.

Our helpful employees provide expert gardening advice for the casual or serious gardener. Stop in and let us help you with all your gardening needs..

Annuals - We offer a great selection of your favorites, including Impatiens, Geraniums, Petunias, Marigolds, Zinnias, & Salvia. 

Perennial Plants - We grow over 300 varieties of perennials, including the most extensive collection of Coral Bells & Coneflowers in the area. We also grow most of the favorites, including Hostas, Daylilies, Ornamental Grasses, Iris and more for sun or shade gardens.               

  Vegetable Garden - standard / heirloom tomatoes, peppers, sweet potato plants and plenty more.
Almost every plant we offer is grown in our own greenhouse and gardens.

Sell Farms & Greenhouses is open mid- April through July.  We are a family-owned business operated by husband / wife team Dean and Susan Sell.

We also sell our garden plants and flowers at Northville Market on Thursdays and at Saline Market on Saturday mornings.

Contact Sell Farms & Greenhouses today at 734-484-3819 to discuss your garden needs.